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I am a detective within the Domestic Violence Unit of the Vancouver Police Department. I have been a police officer for 18 years and have worked with numerous Crown Counsels. Prior to becoming a Police Officer I worked in a Transition House for Battered Women. I have worked first hand with Jocelyn Coupal on several serious Domestic Violence Cases. Her empathy, commitment and understanding resonate with her clients and gives them a sense of strength and hope. I wish Jocelyn Coupal could prosecute all my Domestic cases!
Pamela McCafferty, Detective, Domestic Violence Unit, Vancouver Police Department.
I had the pleasure and fortune to work daily with Ms. Coupal as the assigned Police Investigator with Langley RCMP's Domestic Violence Unit during the Langley Pilot Project. Ms. Coupal was instrumental in the success of this Project and worked tirelessly to reduce the barriers to effective intervention through education and advocacy within the criminal justice system and in the community. Ms. Coupal's teaching and training sessions at Langley RCMP Detachment on best practices in investigating domestic violence continues to be passed on to the younger generation of Police Officers.
Corporal Michelle Adriaanse, Patrol Supervisor, Langley RCMP Detachment
Jocelyn Coupal has in recent years, been a “bright light” in the field of domestic violence prosecution and prevention. Through her many years of on-the-ground experience as a prosecutor collaborating with law enforcement and victim services in the specialized New Westminster Domestic Violence Unit, Ms. Coupal learned firsthand, case by case, the impact on a woman’s safety that good collaboration provides. Through these years of experience and her passion and leadership, criminal justice policy and practices for police and prosecutors in British Columbia have been significantly improved. Her victim safety centered practices have proven to keep survivors of violence more engaged and therefore safer, while holding perpetrators accountable for the violence. Ms. Coupal shares her wealth of knowledge with passion and empathy always keeping her focus on victim-centered collaborative safety strategies.
Gail Edinger, Regional Coordinator, Community Coordination for Women's Safety, The Ending Violence Association of BC

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