The Langley Project

Ms. Coupal was responsible for designing, establishing and managing the Langley Project, an innovative and cutting edge project that examined the impact of a collaborative best practices approach to the investigation and prosecution of domestic violence cases. Her groundbreaking approach resulted in a 43% increase in conviction rates and an 80% reduction in victim recantations.

During the course of the Langley Project, Ms. Coupal gave police and prosecutors critical training which emphasized an evidence-based, risk-focused approach to domestic violence investigations and prosecutions; an approach which did not rely on the victim for success. At the heart of the project was the Domestic Violence Investigation Guide. The Guide focused an investigation on identifying risk factors and helped in directing and organizing evidence-based police investigations and prosecutions. It ensured that all investigations were victim and therefore, safety planning centered.

The Langley Project is available to all who are no longer interested in reactionary enforcement and want to use proactive, life saving techniques; putting the responsibility for holding offenders accountable where it belongs - with the Justice System - not with the victims.


The Globe & Mail, Saturday, April 19, 2008
Cover Story: Domestic Violence:
Spotting the Signs – Before Someone Dies

Is it possible to foresee that a spouse-abusing man poses a high risk of killing his partner or children? A new pilot project is aimed at doing exactly that by studying telltale past behavior.