Jocelyn Coupal, J.D. is a domestic violence consultant and senior trial lawyer. She has acted as both defence and prosecuting attorney and has tried over 6000 cases. Prior to being called to the Bar she was an entrepreneur, consultant and businesswoman. Jocelyn is internationally acknowledged as a domestic violence expert. She has lectured and taught to a wide variety of audiences including justice system participants, health care professionals, educators and in business and community forums on the subject of domestic violence and on what each of us can do to make a difference within our own context to keep our families safe and potentially prevent a homicide.

Current Projects

  • Writing Book "Spot the Signs - Before Someone Dies", for publication Spring 2014
  • Writing Domestic Violence Interview Guides for Physicians and Nurses, for publication Summer 2013

Recent Projects

  • Wrote and published the Domestic Violence Interview Guide for Dental Professionals
  • Published free downloadable brochures: “Safety
    Planning for Women Who are Abused”, “How to talk to Men who are Abusive”, & “How You Can
    Identify and Help Women at Risk of Abuse”

Past Projects

  • Wrote and published “Spot the Signs – before someone dies” a guide for the general public; the “Domestic Violence Investigation and Interview Guides” for Police, Lawyers; and Victim Advocates/Service Providers
  • Major contributor, legal advisor and signatory to the British Columbia Police Services mandatory: “Evidence Based, Risk Focused Domestic Violence” training, for 5,000+ police officers, launched in October 2009
  • Designed, established and managed the Langley Domestic Violence Pilot Project completed in
    August 2009: reduced victim recantation rates to 6% from an international average of 30% and increased disposition rates to 80%: model for RCMP Policy
  • Established the New Westminster Domestic Violence Response Team modeled after the San Diego success story. In the seven years it was running there were no domestic homicides in that jurisdiction.
  • Founding Prosecutor for the First Nations Urban Court Pilot Project 2006-2008

Courses Delivered (partial list)

  • The Role of the Dental Profession in Domestic Violence Recognition & Intervention
  • The Role of the Health Care Professional in Domestic Violence Recognition & Intervention
  • Domestic Violence and the Law: Identifying Risk, Creating Safety

Courses Delivered (partial List) cont'd...

  • Creating Safety through Risk Identification: Focused Interventions and Information Sharing
  • Keynote: Spot the Signs–Before Someone Dies
  • Domestic Violence Risk and Threat Assessment
  • Best Practices in Investigating and Prosecuting Domestic Violence
  • Best Practices for Identifying Risk & Managing Victim Safety
  • The Role of the Community in Keeping Victims Safe and Holding Offenders Accountable

Speaker & Consultant (partial list)

  • San Diego Family Justice Center, Police Department & District Attorney’s Office
  • Loma Linda University Dental School
  • Continuing Legal Education & Annual Trial Advocacy Seminars
  • Ending Violence Association
  • International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy
  • Domestic Homicide Think Tank, co-chaired by Dr. Peter Jaffe and Dr. Myrna Dawson
  • Canadian Association for Victim Assistance Conferences
  • Canadian Family Justice Symposium
  • Canadian Domestic Homicide Conference
  • Association of Threat Assessment Professionals
  • University of British Columbia Dental and Law Schools
  • Legal Nurses Association

Director & Member

  • JASMINE: Justice Access Society for Maintaining Independence & Empowerment: Director
  • Community Coordination For Women’s Safety: (CCWS) Working Group Member
  • B.C. Coroner’s Service Domestic Violence Death Review Panel: Advisory Member
  • Law Society Of British Columbia: Practising Member