June 20, 2010
Vancouver Sun, A14 The Editorial Page:
Domestic violence: Stop the studies and do something

The [B.C. Coroner's Service death review] panel's report, which was released last week, examined 11 incidents of domestic violence involving 29 deaths. It included 19 recommendations....similar to those of two previous reports. The report also highlights two recent and successful collaborative approaches to domestic violence.

First, the Langley Domestic Violence Pilot Project, which focuses on investigating and prosecuting domestic violence cases, and has resulted in a conviction/guilty plea rate of 67 per cent, compared to a six-year historical average of 49 per cent... That [the projects] have been successful also reveals that we need not commission more reports or studies to find out how to protect victims or those at risk of domestic violence. Rather, we know what to do, and all we need is the will to do it.