Jocelyn Coupal develops and delivers innovative training and strategies that help individuals, communities and professionals to successfully address domestic violence and significantly reduce or eliminate domestic homicides.

She was responsible for designing, establishing and managing the Langley Project, an innovative and cutting edge project that examined the impact of a collaborative best practices approach to the investigation and prosecution of domestic violence cases.

Ms. Coupal lectures and consults internationally and addresses a wide variety of audiences including police, prosecutors, judges, victim advocates, social service providers, healthcare professionals, educators and in community forums.

She shows what each of us can do to make a difference, within our individual context to keep victims safe and hold offenders accountable.

International Panel

The International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy, December, 2009
The latest research and good practices in British Columbia and Canada, such as the Langley pilot project…were key references in the Centre’s work in assisting the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in its mandate of reviewing and updating the 1997 UN Model Strategies and Practical Measures on the Elimination of Violence Against Women in the Field of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (Model Strategies).